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What is the most common rhyme in English?

My friends all love me but I have one rhyme they haven’t heard. It’s this line… A. J. LIGHTNING!

I have a rhyme for every occasion in life. It sounds like a cliche but it’s true. The best phrase in my dictionary is this. The best way that I’ve learned how to talk is to write it down.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “If you can write it down, you can always beat it.” A good way to become a good writer is to write down something that pleases you and can be memorized.

Do you believe in luck?

I believe in luck and in the power of the universe. This is my belief and I will not be denied it. Nothing in the universe is beyond my reach. I believe in chance.

How do you explain how I make it work?

I believe in luck. And you don’t know how to explain. Well, you just have to accept it. No explanation is necessary. Luck is a natural phenomenon of which there is no scientific proof. Luck is what happens.

It’s easy to understand how it works. Let me give you a few examples. You just have to know how good something is.

Take the example of my car. My car is very fast and it has very good brakes. These things are important. They make life fun. But there’s a reason I like the fast car. It’s a big engine. I make more money on that car than any other car in this area. How come? Because it has more horsepower (horsepower) than any other car in the area. The reason is because I’m lucky with it. The only rule in this field is to be lucky. Luck does not come from the heavens.

Can you give me a specific example of luck?

When I’m buying property, I ask several questions. I always ask to look for a high price at a low price. I always ask if there’s a low-income house that I could live in for $25 a week. And when I ask those questions, I often find a house that is already sold for $100,000. It’s because something happened on the way up. That’s lucky.

What do you call someone who has a talent of being good at everything?

An expert. That would be Bob. This

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