How do you spit bars? – How To Know If You Can Rap

In case you’re wondering… yes, the “I have to spit these bars” story is indeed true. This is how it happened, if you haven’t seen it.
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On Wednesday, June 25, 2015, my wife and I were watching TV. A woman came in to talk to us. Her daughter was in the living room trying to sleep. So she sits down and the girl starts telling her a bad story and suddenly I get down in my chair to read a book. I had to tell them (our children) to stay in bed. So, it’s a classic example of someone doing what they had to do to stay awake until I would tell them the story. Then, they got up to watch TV. In the meantime I got up to get something from the cupboard. A few minutes later the daughter came in to come to us in the lounge because she thought she had heard something. So she ran in to her own room and saw someone lying down on the floor trying to breathe. Because it was a little after dinner, she had to go and get something to drink. And after that I had to lie down and just sit down until the story time came. And so on, it went on for half an hour. You don’t have to see the TV to tell your kids stories. It’s all in the story!

It’s not a new story. The story goes that after we heard the story, I looked at my wife’s shoulder; she had two broken ribs. I had to take her and take her to the hospital. We took a picture. So now there’d be a photo of our broken ribs taken that day, in case the kids saw it on TV.

What should I do when someone spits on me?

First of all, don’t try to hit back. It can be a real hassle when people have that much power.

Second, I’m not in the business of punishing people or making them feel guilty. What is guilt? It’s when a person feels bad about something. I’m not going to give up my rights or my life to punish someone for spanking my children. I’m not in need of the punishment to feel good. If the person has a problem or they’re acting in a rude or angry way, I’m not going to let that go. We’re going to let them know, it’s no longer a matter of our feelings.

Third, when someone spits on you, don’t

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