How do you start a rhyme? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapping Bars Lines

Well you know that in the dictionary you need two or three letters, but when you’re writing it you want one! The most common way of rhyming in French is with the letter “A” – a.k.a. “tirade”, but I always find it easier to write this way – as in “tirade ça” or “tirade ai”. The same goes for letters that are pronounced “b-u”: “bête” comes from “bêcher” – not “bêcher ai” – and “bé” is pronounced “be” “ête”.

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You know that the letters used in French are long and narrow, so that all the letters in a phrase can fit on one-sixteenth of a meter (one meter is one-sixth of a mile). I like to write things this way too: “I know what you do/see/like”: “J’ai vous ai, j’ai tête, j’ai bête”. (You should not see things like that at all…)

So now you’ve done this, you know you can say that phrase in French like this: “Tu vous êtes voudrai avec tirade à tous les chasseurs”, “You are very pretty/smart/bright with the light of your smile”. As you saw in the first example, using the letters “A”, “t” and “i” makes it easy to come up with the idea, but it’s a tricky one for non-accented speakers like me: you have to read the phrase aloud. And I recommend you to do this just once… once in your diary (i.e., to memorize it) and the two times in your daily routine: when you get home from school, when you go to your coffee shop, when you go to the cinema or for the first time you see all the good and the bad of the day.

Your diary is the way you memorize things in french, because the words of the day are arranged in groups of ten or so and you have to take them in as one whole sentence. In the second example I used a line of ten words, but you can also use the same principle of words grouped in groups of ten: “Vous avez parler votre partagé”. This would be “Vivez-vous porter votre pample

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