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Who knows, but the way he raps is pretty fast as well. From the start of his debut, he was on the cutting edge of rap music: It was a bit of a “fuck you” to older rappers like M.C. Hammer and N.W.A. He was never scared to say he was the shit but that shit was in the air and nobody cared. Even today, it doesn’t look like anybody listens to Eminem anymore.

At the same time, you can’t deny that Eminem’s music always felt like another genre, just like jazz or rock music. It’s not necessarily bad, but it doesn’t always feel like a real genre, or at least it doesn’t feel like everything else in rap music. Eminem is basically a rapper.

You could make some really good rap music with his voice, a bit of melody and some raps that aren’t really raps, like this song that features Snoop Dogg.

Eminem vs. Kanye

In 2009, Eminem gave his first show. I’m not kidding, it was recorded two months before his first album was finally released. His show was a good concert, but it didn’t even come close to what the fans were expecting.

During the concert, he made jokes about Kanye West, but the joke was only funny because of its unexpected nature. You could say that it was a sign of what a real rapper could do. Sure, Eminem came on stage with a crazy outfit (in his hoodie, shorts, and flip-flops), but this showed not only his respect to West, but more importantly, he didn’t have anything to say.

But then West got on stage and started playing. You could hear the emotion in his voice that wasn’t there at the concert. He showed some great talent and took this opportunity to share his life with us. When he started the song “Power,” I got the feeling that Eminem was going to get the crowd to come and see him.

It was a really special performance; not just for the words, but for the music and sound effects. You could just feel it. During the song, Kanye was on fire. The lyrics were intense and it just made me want to see where this guy is going to take his career next.

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He ended up putting on one of the best performances like you’ve never seen before. Even the crowd that wasn’t familiar with Kanye started to get it – that was the moment when they

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