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What do their words even mean?

Let’s start with the most obvious thing: hip hop does not make a lot of sense. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular songs of all time:

All of these songs have at least twenty bars of lyrics. Let’s use “All for the money” as an example. The song is a lot smoother than it sounds. You hear that word used in a lot more places. All for the money is actually only twelve bars and has several dozen of them. I’ve made a list of all the words that have been in this song in the past week, and here are the results:

There are more than 30 words in the song, most of which are used for grammatical structure, and many of which are common slang. “Hole” is used more than 200 times in this sample of lyrics, and “lover” just 14 times. “Pig’s ear” is another popular phrase, which is actually three separate words, and is actually used only once: about halfway through the song, I’ll bet you can guess where the word “pig’s ear” is. “Aye, aye” is used a whopping 21 times, including six separate words, in just six bars, and “fuck” is used about six hundred times, which is less than twenty times the word “fuckoff”. “Bitch” is used roughly a third of the time, “motor” approximately a quarter of the time. “Ayo, ayo, ayo, baby, baby” is also used in a lot of ways, one more so than all the other words combined (yes, even “baby”, which is also used twice!) but not for anything else. This is about the same number of words that would fit into one full song in a single minute:

And that doesn’t even include the word “fuck”. This song actually has over a hundred different examples of its own in it, including a few that would be difficult for a human to type out with their eyes closed. A lot of these words were in the dictionary long before the song was even released.
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The second chart shows a bit clearer what this song does and what it does not have to do. Not only are some of the words that are in this song the same, but many of the phrases in it are very similar to what has been commonly used in hip hop over the past 10 years. If a rap song has any significant

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