How many seconds is 4 bars? – Learn Rappelling

To make the answer simple, the number 4 is the first “number” in the decimal format, which is 16 digits long. Since this is a single number, the answer will be exactly 40 seconds.

So, on a 4th of July, 40 times 120 seconds is the duration of 4 bars, or 4:120 = 40 hours of dancing. This is what is called a “triple decimal” number for 4-bar dancing!

But, how about 4-foot dancers who dance with 4-inch high platforms? That is why “four feet” means 1.5 times the height. That means every 4-foot tall person would dance at a 4-foot height (one 4ft x 120 seconds equals 60 feet), so there would be 4 feet in the world, 1.5 times the length for the 4-foot dancers and 60 feet in the world.

To dance at the same speed, and with similar distances, a 4-foot dancer would therefore dance 60 blocks at the same speed. So, that’s 4 blocks in the 4-foot world, just as one 4-foot 4-inch dancer would dance 60 blocks at the same speed.

But if you are really serious about the 4-foot world, you might be interested to know that some people have danced that fast with 1.5 inches.

This is an easy question to answer! Since 1.5 x 120 equals 120 feet/360 minutes, it should be possible to dance at 120 feet all the time, if you start at 60 feet.

For 3.5 ft dancers, the answer is still 120, as they would have to dance twice the distance, a second and a half each. But there is a slight complication. A 4-foot 3-inch dancer has four feet and a half (3 feet x 120 feet = 120 feet). So, to dance with one foot a half, that translates to one 3 ft x 60 feet = 60 blocks in the 4-foot world.

This shows the huge difference between a 40-second 4-foot world (four 4-foot dancers) and a 60-second 4-foot world (one 4 ft 4-inch dance for each 4 foot world).

4-Foot World by 2.35 inches

This question comes from Richard Llewellyn, a math and music professor at Purdue University.

His answer, which has received a lot of media attention, is this:

To dance

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