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$1.2 million or less?

But I’m not going to try to explain $1.2 million. In my mind, $1.2 million is like a million in cash. It’s just that your money never touches the ground again.”

Rapper Talib Kweli on his own money, like that of fellow New York rapper Kendrick Lamar

The rapper’s own money (or at least it seems) is actually a bit of a mystery. And that’s what makes him such a fun listener in many ways: he’ll take us by surprise and give us more than we could’ve dreamed. He might even let us sit in on one of his sessions before he hands over the cash.

What follows is an attempt to fill the void in our knowledge of Talib’s bank balances.

Like everything Talib said, there are discrepancies here—sometimes, though not always, from what he admits to tell us in the album. We’re only sharing what we really do know.

But here’s a fun fact: he does know how much he makes on an album.

“I do that. I know exactly how much I’m make per album. I know exactly how many albums I make. I know how many singles I got on the records. I know how many weeks I’m on the record [before money] [or]. I know exactly how many songs I made. I know exactly how much money I actually make before it goes in my bank accounts. I just know that [laughs]. But, my money never changes.”

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He’s right about that, at least on paper.

Talib’s financial statements are filled with details and graphs. And he’s a man of impeccable honesty. It’s just a shame he’s never divulged these specifics in interviews. (I’ve put together a few of the most popular below.)

“I’ll show my numbers, you’ll see. But, I don’t know what they mean. I don’t wanna talk about my exact numbers. My money, my cash. Not my money [or] my money [that’s] in my own pocket. That I have. It’s always in my own pocket. I’m making money, I’m making money. I’ll let you know. I’m going to tell ya how much I made before I got it in my bank accounts. I’ll tell ya what [if anything] you do. I’ll let you know how much I actually make

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