How old is Coolio? – Wanna Learn Rap God Whole Song Practice What U

He’s been here at least two times and can be found in the main room.

“I’m cool and all, but can you say ‘Coolio’?” Coolio interrupts.

Coolio doesn’t say the name again, but then says, “I like that. ‘Coolio’ sounds kinda funny, right?”

A waiter approaches, and the waiter says to the waitress, “Just one piece, please.” The waiter says, “Thanks,” meaning, don’t look at any other customers. You can see the waiter walking away, and you’re walking away too, but then you go into the back and the waiter stops and starts walking up to the place where you’ve been looking for. Coolio says nothing at all. He says, “He looks like a regular.” The waiter says, “Thanks.”

“Waitress, can we get a table right off the front?” Coolio says.

The waiter says, “Sure, that’s great.” And then you get ready for this thing and you’re walking back, when you go through the door into the backroom. You hear the sound of people talking, which is cool, but you’ve got to be quiet because this is a restaurant and you have to leave the table that you’re at and walk through the door into the back room, which you can imagine you’re supposed to do so, since they’ve got the name Coolio written all over it.

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“Are you looking for anybody?”

“Yeah, I want someone to hold his hand.”

“Hold his hand,” that’s cool. It’s a way of holding, and it’s a way you hold someone’s hand in an un-gazing way, which may seem kinda funny to you now, but what I mean is, like, if you have someone hold your hand, you’re supposed to hold that hand with all your weight on it, like you’re being gawked at, kind of like a clown. You don’t want to do that. Or you might grab his hand like you’re trying to pick up a girl’s purse and do some sort of funny, goofy thing with them, and then you’re supposed to hold that hand and gawk with interest? I don’t know. I mean, it’s not cool. It’s a way of holding it, but that’s not cool. Coolio says nothing.

“Okay, what do you want me to look for?” the waiter says.

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