Is rap a genre? – Free Rap Course

There is debate, but it seems that most experts agree that rap is a genre.

How should I learn about this?

It’s easy to find a list of songs and tracks available on YouTube if you search the lyrics. There is also a dedicated subreddit for rap music. You will also want to search YouTube for “rap”, “rapcore”, “rap metal” and “rap metalcore”.

Are there any artists I should know?

There are a handful of artists who are popular, but who lack a wider social fan base. There are a few popular artists, however, who have a broad social fan base. I’ll list some of these below.

Dua Lipa: Dua Lipa has a massive fan base. She is one of the most successful artists of her generation and has sold millions upon millions of albums. In fact, her music has sold over 9 billion records. She has also released albums through her own label, Mad Decent.

Travis Scott: Travis Scott is in a similar style to Dua Lipa, and has released numerous albums. There is not one artist out there who has as much success as him. His music has sold over a half a billion albums worldwide, and has had many top tracks on some of the biggest hits charts.

What should I listen to if I’m unfamiliar?

There are a few podcasts on various topics that aren’t specifically rap. The podcasts are great because they allow you to catch up by listening to various topics and rap/song topics.

How should I read about this?

Googling this information will do. You can also look around for a podcast of your preference that is available. There are also popular resources in general about social issues from Hip Hop, to Economics, to History.

When should I get to know about this?

It would be ideal if you start interacting with the internet around high school or college. This is when rap music really takes off and everyone starts to really start to get into it.

Is there a good YouTube channel for rap musicians?

Many rappers don’t have YouTube channels yet. There are still a wide variety of rappers out there, but the majority of the major artist who have YouTube channels are more popular than they have been in the past. As a rule of thumb, the rappers that do have YouTube channels, have a fairly strong following online.

Are there rap blogs?

Yes, however

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