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I can say that I like music, especially hip-hop music, and I’ve listened to it probably more than nearly any other genre. But that doesn’t make it a genre. People will disagree with me about that, of course, but it’s what I believe.

But some of us think it is. You are one of them.

Of course! People say: “Who do you think is a hip-hop artist?” It’s not hip-hop, it’s not music, it’s whatever. You can even listen to music that has more hip-hop music.

But there are very, very few people that make music that’s good enough to make it to the top. They’re just not good enough. Most of them just can’t do it.

And the people I love who are doing great things are those who think about the future and actually do things to make money that matter, even if it’s not easy or popular, and even if there are people in their community who are struggling in a lot of ways.

Can we expect more from you in the future?

Yes, I definitely plan to be more involved in the music I love and more involved in making it. And if the business is not as interesting as it should be, then it’s OK to leave. But I promise if [I] have the opportunity in my community to make something that helps people, that’s really important to me. That’s a thing that keeps it going.

Interview by Yaron Weizman.

Read the entire article by Eliza Taylor at The Wall Street Journal.

I recently came across this great article written by a doctor (with great insight!) on “why so many people find that the internet has little or no effect on getting a good care.” I had never heard of this study, or this doctor at all. The problem with the study is that it’s done, it’s conducted, and it’s published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The article goes on to state that the study is “largely ignored” in the mainstream media. It goes on to say that “an overwhelming majority of physicians say the same thing, with the same reasons, all while the media ignores the information and the general public continues to make decisions on their own.” (My favorite part is that it’s based on a survey in the “80 per cent of physicians are correct” number. I suspect that’s another common mistake; most physicians

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