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There are no rhyming lyrics in rap, but how does it sound to you?

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Rapper Drake, 24, doesn’t think the term applies to the people he’s rap with. His peers like Kanye West refer to him as “the rapper.”

“There’s lyrics in rap, you know what I mean? It’s cool, and you’re supposed to be respectful of people’s culture,” Drake explained on “The Breakfast Club.”

He said he’s not sure why rap culture is being defined differently than other popular music genres. “Maybe it’s because of the whole Kanye thing. People have this idea that Rap is about getting people excited about some culture or something. But what is it about?”

The former “Fancy” star said he’s proud to call himself a rap artist but doesn’t feel “like I’m doing too much. I’m not making enough money.”

When asked if he ever thought to himself, “There’s this thing called Rap? What’s it mean, Rap?” Drake took the time to joke that he thought people were using the word incorrectly.

He was also asked about a recent controversy involving Drake singing the National Anthem during a Super Bowl 50 appearance. A video of the Super Bowl performance and lyrics were posted on YouTube as evidence of why he was disrespectful for singing.

Drake laughed when the journalist asked him whether he had apologized to President Trump.

“There’s no apology necessary to be called a great rapper, great musician. If I got pissed off at Trump, I wouldn’t be a great rapper or a great musician,” he said.

Drake’s music is consistently ranked as one of the greatest of all time. He owns over 60 million followers on Twitter and has sold more than 50 million albums.

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