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4-bar (4-bar) rappers usually use one or two bars of high-energy punch lyrics to create a feeling like the bass riff and a breakdown that is all about movement. The idea on a 4-bar rap is to use a high number of bars of great high-intensity and dynamic lyrics, giving the audience a great thrill by using this one-off, and most important, powerful concept in rap.

One example that fits the definition is the song “The Game” by Jay-Z. One of the most famous lines written by Jay is, “You know I do, right?/I’m not talking/about you.” You can hear the impact that Jay felt from the powerful meaning of that lyric on the song after the fact: “If I were in a game, I’d throw the game in a barrel/I’d be the guy who got up with the shotgun/The girl’s got the bad boy on speed…” The fact that Jay had the opportunity to record his words in two separate verses was definitely a powerful creative and narrative tool. Another example of an excellent 4 bar song in rap is the song “Worth the Wait.” This song came out in 1996 but it still makes the hip-hop nerds want to rap about it. With just a couple of bars, you can get straight into what the song is about. Even the “the one with the drums” is also a strong example of rap using the idea of a simple 4 bar song to build strong imagery.

How many lyrics do a good rap song have?

4 Bar rapper rap songs generally have only a few lines per verse. Even though a 4 bar rap song lacks a great flow, you have to remember that a rap album has to be about five songs worth in order to make sense in today’s rap environment. Most rappers don’t really like to keep their tracks short or to get rid of too many verses in a single song, if at all, which is why they tend to use verses as a place to express their feelings, ideas, and emotions. They also don’t have many lyrical phrases on a rap beat, which make it a little harder for them to use big and complex rhymes.

The number of lines that rap has on a 4 bar song is just like the number of verses that a typical mainstream rap song has. Most rappers use about 25-30 lines. A lot of rappers say that 4 bars is too high of a number, although that’s not really the

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