What do bars mean in music? – Learn To Be Rap God Fast Part Instrumental Pop

What’s the role of the “vocalist”, what does it mean to the song or what does it imply to the listener? What’s the “guitar sound” and is it important? The questions go on and on and you want to stay on top of them all!

We also teach these skills through musical drills, which I hope will help you to understand the key concepts of jazz piano, like the key of A, and how to read keys. It’s quite useful, in my opinion.

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We use the instruments in real life and this allows us get practical exposure to real musicians, and help them to become familiar with the instrument that they play.

It’s one of a kind and I hope you’ll enjoy the session so far.


This post is Part 3 of a five-part series.

At a dinner party held for his close friends in a downtown Los Angeles restaurant last winter I took a seat among some hundred diners, mostly young adults. There were people drinking whiskey, talking about their recent romantic adventures or about their romantic pasts. There were older persons who had been married, and younger persons of course who had not come from the same life experiences, but were in the midst of making their way together through the various stages of their lives from youth to adulthood and back again.

It was the first dinner I had attended where I was not the only one in attendance (and one whose name was not listed on the guest list) and I did not seem to be the center of attention because I had a lot of other interesting things to talk about.

Then, at the end of the evening, a young man named Sean, dressed in a dark jacket, glasses, and white shirt, stepped to the front of the crowd. He had a bright red tie and was well acquainted with his friends. He was one of the few who wore a T-shirt that was not one of the many monogrammed shirts you could purchase for a hundred bucks.

So I walked up to him, and he introduced himself as Sean. He asked me for my number because he was starting a new gig: to be a DJ for a show called “The Moth.” He said he was moving to L.A. from his home state of Delaware after spending a year in Japan before going back to school because he heard DJing was becoming popular and wanted to do an apprenticeship to help others get their start. Sean had been with the group ”

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