What genre is modern rap? – Wanna Learn Rap God Rapping Lyrics

The best answer I received was “I don’t know. Let’s just say I’m a guy.”

But the best answer was: no. This is what you really mean: “I don’t know.”

So we’re left to guess if it’s hip-hop, rap music from a time when you actually had to listen to it in order to get the gist of what that kind of music was, or if it’s some other kind of music.

What it is, then, is something so diverse, so different from the way we think about the genre nowadays, that it’s become something else entirely — that it’s a sort of hybrid; an “other.”

And for many of us who identify as “music” fans, it’s something that is both, and something that we are trying to define ourselves in.
Tyrannosaurus Rex vs. Triceratops - Who Wins?

It was easy for you to say you didn’t know, because no one really knows. But it’s so hard to describe, and you never really do. I’m writing this in a room with you. It’s a very small room, and it gets smaller every ten seconds. It’s an odd kind of room for me to be writing in. There’s nobody there.

So the question that I’d like to answer is whether hip-hop is now considered a “genre” or not (or, maybe more accurately, whether it is now considered as a term we use to talk about different kinds of music).

In other words, is hip-hop, really hip-hop, hip-rap?

You see, it’s very hard to define hip-hop nowadays.

What Hip Hop Is, And What Is Hip-Hop Now?

If you think about hip-hop, it’s kind of hard to think of anything else. There are a lot of very popular styles, genres, artists, that make up the genre. You might consider the hip-hop song to be some kind of genre, but it is very hard to define.

For example, here’s a song called “Rock Solid”; I can’t tell you which genre it is. A lot of rappers love it, but the fact that it’s “rock solid” and “rock solid” do not make it “hip-hop.”

Also, in my opinion, this type of music is called “rap” because that is how we see it now. And by saying that, I don’t want to imply that anyone who is

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