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“The influence was primarily from the East Coast, and East Coast rap was really coming out of the New York City area, particularly on the East Coast. I was born and raised in Philly, and this was part of what I went there for. Being the only black guy living in a gated community in the East Coast of America, a lot of the things I read in the ghetto made sense. The things I was taught when I was growing up were that being the only black guy in the ghetto was bad, black men were thugs and gangsters. The idea of being a thug is so strong in hip-hop, and it’s such a core part to what I think. It’s kind of the same thing as ‘How Do You Love Me?’ The idea that you can’t love a woman who is ugly — well, all you can do is love someone who is just that. [Laughs] But all that stuff is still out there. There’s still a lot of people who don’t appreciate the things I love.”

“What we’re looking for in each player is a combination of offensive and defensive talent across all three phases of the game.” — Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly’s “all three systems” philosophy comes straight from the playbook itself. The Oregon coaches aren’t afraid to say that they aren’t an “all offense” team, and they are sure to insist on that distinction when people ask them about what Oregon is trying to do.

It is a philosophy rooted in simple principles: Don’t just be a pure run game, either. Be a run-based team that is flexible enough to be versatile enough to match its opponent on every down.

This is not a knock against the Ducks. They rank first on the nation’s run defense in the Football Outsiders’ S&P+ ratings. They rank seventh in passing defense against the run, although that ranking is due to the quality of the offense that they play and not Oregon’s defense. And Oregon plays much better against the pass than the run.

In fact, Oregon ranks 20th in passing defense in 2014 and 22nd in 2013. They have to make good on some of their weaknesses to maintain a high level of play with the best defense in the nation, and that is where the “all three systems” philosophy comes into play.

The difference, of course, is that Oregon plays in a spread system and the Oregon coaching staff favors a more traditional zone scheme. Oregon plays a four- or even five-

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