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What is a bar in rap song? What does that phrase mean?” said Shumak. “That phrase has been thrown around so much in the world of hip-hop since Jay Z did it, that people are using the phrase to describe some very bizarre and ridiculous situations.”

Even some of hip-hop’s most celebrated figures may be unwittingly getting into trouble with their lyrics.
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The Chicago rapper Nas has admitted to using the term “white people” as an insult, even though he hasn’t mentioned the word black once on his record or in interviews.

Meanwhile, on “Waka Flocka Flame,” Lil Wayne’s version of “White Privilege” includes a lyric that seems to give a nod to some of white privilege.

“I’ma say to you white people, I ain’t ever seen nothing you couldn’t do / Like get a job and eat at my house / And be comfortable in your own skin,” the song’s rapping continues, over a sample of a beat from a classic ’80s soul record. “And for some reason that ain’t happened all of a sudden, is it?”

And in an interview with the Daily Beast earlier this year, T.O.P. said of the use of the term that it wasn’t a metaphor – but instead it was a positive label that the community could use to promote itself.

“If we’re in a culture where we can say, ‘Hey, that black person is white’, I think if we’re a culture where that [is the case], then we can talk about what color they are and what color they represent,” T.O.P. said.

And last month, Jay Z told the New York Post that he didn’t mean to make fun of a racial slur, and also pointed out that a few hundred years ago, he was saying “white people.”

“I’m not saying it was a racial slur, I’m saying it was the same thing – white culture, white society has the power of saying things – we’re a part of the culture, we belong in society,” he said. “But people still use this language.”

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