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In the words of a girl who called your band “My Pretty Pretty”: “I love you, and I love all of my little one’s.” I never thought of it as a gimmick, but then I didn’t think you were a gimmick either.

As for how long have you been doing it?

I’ve been trying to get a band together for like 6-7 years, and it really didn’t work out. I thought, “All’s well that ends good.” It seemed like a funny name, so I just kept doing it.

Do you think you’ve gotten any more fans by being a band without a name?

Honestly I don’t think about that at all. I guess I should take it as I did get a lot more than I thought I’d get, or so I thought.

When you were putting your name on it, were you worried that people would be confused and say this wasn’t really a band?
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I didn’t even care if people would think it was a band. There is nothing else I do that I have anything else in the background and nothing that I don’t. But it’s very much my own creation, and I think that’s the important thing. I’m making it up as I go along, and I’m not making it up for nobody.

So the word “vocalist” means something different to you, but not to others?

If we all just got along and were all equal in the band, of course I’d take the “lead vocalist” job. My only thought was to do a good job, make a good song and have a good time doing it. And a lot of it is about having a good time and being happy, so I guess it can be interpreted that way.

Do you keep any physical photos of yourself?

I definitely have a ton of physical photo albums with the bands on them. When I was growing up, everyone wanted photos of them so much that I didn’t have the chance to take one. But I have a lot of pictures that I can’t talk about as I would rather not be forced to in any way. Sometimes when I’m on tour, I can’t find the money to buy a copy of the album without having to pay someone to take it. So in my mind it’s very clear what I want to say about a band in the band albums. But it really is a personal thing.

What do you think sets

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