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There is no such thing in English. The only rhyme the English language has is the vowel rhyme; a forced rhyme means that the vowel or consonant is replaced by a long vowel or consonant.

When the phrase “forced rhyme” occurs, it is an instance of forced rhyme, which is a form of redundancy.

As if we needed another reason to love this year’s Winter Wonderland, this week’s edition of the “100 Best Moments In Disney Parks” lists ten.

So many moments.

We’ve already seen you fall in love with the ice skating of Shanghai, the food at Typhoon Lagoon in Epcot’s Asia/Hawaii line, the magical snow and coldness at Cinderella’s Royal Ball, Disney’s most spectacular display of magic at Shanghai Disneyland on July 5, the breathtaking beauty of the Frozen fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom, the spectacular aerial display of the fireworks under the Magic Kingdom and our favorite moments at each place with The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Now, we bring you 10 more moments from across Walt Disney World. These are the moments that made us fall in love with our favorite parks (and then some) the same way we did at the park.

Click through to check them out!

We begin with the park that most captivated us for all of its moments: Epcot.

It’s no surprise to see that Epcot is so well known for its art and culture (and you know we love both of those things), and we love that it can’t be missed.

We’re more surprised, however, to find that our favorite moments happen here, and we love them for one simple reason–they were all set for our first experience at Epcot that day; it was the first day Disney had offered admission to the U.S. this year.

We will never forget the sight that greeted us in Epcot when we arrived.

“Welcome to Epcot!” the cast member said, as if we were the very first guests who’d ever stepped through the doors of one of the magic jewels.

We had, though; it was one of the two reasons we were there, and the other was because we were new to the park.

To see that moment was the icing on the cake for us, and a gift so warm we couldn’t even describe it.

But the moment doesn’t happen alone–it’s a celebration of that experience, of Ep

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