What is considered gangster rap? – How To Learn Rap God Fast Part Easy Banana Bread

Is it more or less “cool” to rap about a gang?

There are many different gangster rap genres, and most mainstream rappers, whether they are straight or gay, rhapsodize about gang violence all the time. But in reality, it’s really a question of what you’re calling “gangster” and who you are rapping about. Some artists call themselves rap artists and rap about other artists, because that’s what they feel most proud of. Some artists have a gangster rapper in their back pocket, but most of them can’t give a fuck about gang violence unless that’s their primary goal. And for a lot of the artists, their goal was to not be viewed as gangsters.

You’ve gotten into hot water and your fans have become less tolerant and more vicious towards you with each passing day. What can you do to make your fans see you and your music afresh?

When I started doing rap I had no friends—I was only in school. When I started doing drugs, I had no friends. Now, I have a lot of friends, and the music has given me the freedom to do things I’d always imagined, but now I didn’t have them when I was rapping. The drug use affected me personally and it has taken away a lot of my friends and my respect, so now that I’m sober and feel better, it’s a matter of doing things like giving back, because there can be so many things that one can gain by doing right.

What kinds of things are you going to do now in order to give back?

I started to work like a waiter in jail, doing what I was paid to do. I’ve always been a little bit selfish, I’m one of those people that does what he should, but I didn’t have those feelings when I was in there, and they’ve started to change now that I’m sober and I have a sense of why I’m doing what I’m doing. I’m making all of these art projects to change the way young people think and act by giving them different tools to act out or act from.

What makes you think that young people will adopt the new ways of thinking?

I think I’ll learn as the years go on this attitude that, “I’m different, I’m not a gangster, so you shouldn’t judge me as a bad person.” That’s a better answer than the other.

What do you see as the future of

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