What is the average salary of a rapper? – Rap Game Now

$40+ million a year with endorsements, money from all over the world, and a new album every 2 weeks.

2 Drake and the Neptunes – 20 Million – This is the most famous family in music. They are also the most controversial. Drake’s family were recently accused of kidnapping his sister, leaving her at home all day instead of going to work for $3,000. Drake’s sister has made herself a celebrity thanks to the media attention of the case. At the end of the month, Drake is scheduled to release his new album. The latest album is titled VIEWS.

1 Kanye West – $100 Million a year – This is a true multi-millionaire making this amount of money on what is just his debut. He has had major success in music and fashion. He was recently involved in what is likely one of the most shocking celebrity divorces. Kanye’s ex-wife is a publicist and a former wife for Whitney Houston. If we had to be honest, with all the press that Kanye has received in the past few months I don’t think he was going to make the money that she was rumored to have. She was quoted in the press for making $40MM a year at her highest. Kanye has had no problem moving his family out of his home.

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It’s a tough decision. You could be playing the World Cup qualifiers in the next month, so why not take a break before the summer and play against your old teams? Here’s a rundown of the best World Cup qualifiers of 2018 to keep you occupied.

Bosnia-Herzegovina v Ukraine

The Balkans haven’t really seen too much World Cup action lately, with the last qualifying rounds taking place in late-June and early-July in Bulgaria and Albania. But as the only real contenders and the reigning World Cup champions, the two sides are certainly worth keeping an eye out for.

Ukraine have won the last three matches against Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2-0 back in 2008 and 1-0 in 2014. In their last meeting they out-shot the visitors 5-1 and ended the match on two goals from Pavel Yaskiuch.

The winner advances to the knock-out stage while the top two teams qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Cameroon v Honduras

Despite a draw last year’s Copa America Centenario with the US, this game is

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