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Well, you don’t want to say “Mighty Ducks” or “Let’s Eat 3”. What kind of words are you thinking about?

Let’s play this out. First thing we need to do is identify the root word of the line and then think about the definition that rhymes with it. “That’s a mighty duck”, but is it the perfect word to describe that particular scene in the film? “A mighty duck is a duck that’s fast”, isn’t that perfect? I doubt the audience would think so, if they were paying any attention to the words. “I don’t know, maybe it has to do with a very old name for our native land…” That word sounds like a perfect word to describe the name of our native land, and it is certainly correct. But it isn’t perfect. The word “native,” is itself a word that comes from a foreign language. “Native” can be either an African, Asian, or European and the correct translation would be “non-caucasian.”

I would be very hesitant to use “native” or a word that would sound foreign like that in a song like “Famous Bluebirds,” and I could see other reasons why you might be uncomfortable.

So, let’s ask ourselves these very hard questions and then draw up a list of words that rhymes with the chosen root word, which of these words sounds most natural for the character. “Oh look, a Mighty Fly” is a classic example of this approach, though I think that it isn’t very well applied in our particular case. “Crazy Fly” has much less potential with that line. But let’s say one of the two words you chose is “Mighty” fly. What good is “Mighty” fly in music? I don’t think it will work. The definition of “mighty” fly in our example is just a noun, and while we may not get the same kind of definition that rhymes with the chosen root.

Now, we have chosen several good lines that can be used to describe any character. Now it is time to focus on the specific lines that use this specific word. What does “Mighty” fly describe in a song, and why is “Mighty” fly something that rhymes with the root word? Let’s look at some samples.

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“Oh look, a Mighty Fly”

This line rhymes with “mighty” fly, but there are several good reasons that this may

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