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It has to rhyme with perfect. Why? Because perfect is the most universal word in all of human knowledge, and perfect can be translated into an infinite number of different ways in any language. Every possible version of perfect can be written, as well as a word for every possible version of every possible word. There is no perfect universal word that can be used to describe anything. Perfect is infinite. We’re not the first to try to describe the perfect universe, and we’re definitely not the final word. What’s important is that it’s a way of looking at the perfect universe that lets us do something incredible. That’s all. Donate what you can today – it helps our kids and teachers by funding the science experiments

How the project works

At the end of a science experiment, we will post the results of the experiment here , so that everyone who wants to participate can do so. You can find these results by clicking on a scientific name, or by searching:

Why I’m excited about it

I’ve always loved to read, study, read a little bit of everything in my life, and now that I’ve been exposed to so much science in my life, I’ll be even more aware of how different it is than what I’ve experienced in books and on the television. I want to do everything. It’s like a small version of playing a game, of the complete educational experience through reading.

What we don’t like about what we read is that there are so many different interpretations. We see a variety of stories, and we’re presented with information, but there is only one or two of those interpretations. What we want to do is make the best of those interpretations, so that all of the different interpretations are possible, like they are. We’re trying to create a unique experience for all of our audience.

I love science – my children love science

My children love science, and so does the school. We have science teachers who love science and want a great science education program for their kid. We’re all excited about it, because our kids are getting exposure to science and learning about the universe. It’s so exciting when you talk about science to kids.

Donate what you can today – it helps our kids and teachers.

What it’ll take

It’s a relatively small team of four teachers. We’ve already got about ten people working on this, but the project is in its very beginning, so we need your help

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