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Is it the perfect song to start your day off right?

“I’m an innocent victim/You’re the mastermind/Why can’t your friends see what you’ve done?/I’m a fool/You’re the mastermind/Why can’t your friends see what you’ve done”

How would you describe this song?


What’s the most exciting thing you’ve experienced as a music fan?

“A band, having a little fun/A song, that’s really pretty”

What’s one thing you wouldn’t change about your life?

“A good job/All the friends I’ve made”

If you could create a piece of music, what would its name be?

“Piano piece”

What’s the best advice you could give to a young musician?

“Keep doing what you’re doing, because you always learn from the mistakes of others, and you will never be satisfied with anything less than greatness”

If you could pick someone to play guitar for for the rest of your life, who would it be?


What will you be doing in 2016?

“Don’t let a terrible day derail your goals/Don’t let a bad habit derail your dreams”

What do you look forward to doing in 2016?

“I’m taking a break/The only way I’ll be free is to take part in this work to help others in the process”

If you have a message to offer to other musicians, what would it be?

“Stop worrying about you/Don’t think about how good you have it/Learn to think about yourself/It’s all about perspective in life”

Forbes recently released its annual list of the 200 wealthiest people on Earth. Now, the list is up for its 17th annual examination.

And as with previous years, there are some big names among the Forbes 400 – but it’s important to look at both the wealth and also the impact of being rich.

The list features, as many of you already know, the list’s namesake, the Forbes 400. But this year, we added one other famous name who made a fortune – and also a famous name who was an important contributor to the U.S. economy – President Obama himself.

Of the 400, Obama is the biggest recipient of net worth at No

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