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How do I feel about that?
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No, the other rhymes with lots

You can’t say that!

No, I’m okay with that

How many people are in your life

If the other person is

How many different names should I have?

If we’re talking about the other person,

You got a lot of people

Can you not have more than one name?

You got a lot of people

It’ll never fit!

So, in other words, it’s okay for us to have so many different names, but not for your children; or that we can have a baby named for anything we want. I’ll go ahead and have me a baby named for your favorite movie. Do I have to?

It’s perfectly fine to have so many different names, but not for your children. There are a lot of ways you could be mistaken for being your child’s mother. It makes you feel like you really can’t even get a chance to say the “I,” you know?

Your child is already learning at an early age, thanks to this world, that having a mother is something that has very little to do with parenting. So I guess I should say this to you, too: if you’re really serious that you want to be a mom, go right ahead with that. Go ahead and give your child the names your son or daughter already knows. It won’t matter in the least if your name is one you haven’t taken yet.

It’s okay for us to have names that sound strange; but not okay for the rest of the world. If we want to, we really can change our names to sounds that sound good. I’m not saying you should change your name because we’re changing names everywhere, I’m saying that our lives should reflect our names as we know them, because that’s just what we’re born with; right? But if we all know how to have kids who aren’t us, let’s just say that’s a bit less fun.

What Do Your Kids Think About a Black Cat in Their Bedroom?

This week, my wife was taking me to the zoo, and I decided that we really should get up in the air, run around, and jump on some little birds. We’d already gotten up on the roof, so the cats can’t get up on the roof like they always do. If we were doing this outside,

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