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What was the last? When does he leave? What does he do? Can you write for him? What can you do at that point? I was really interested in getting into that because you know, you can do rap music to show off and you can do songs on your iPod to show off to people. You can do all those things.

How do you feel about a rap album? I think you’re getting away with something, it seems. You’ve just hit that wall of what would be an album.

Yeah, yeah. Well, I don’t think it’s a song, I think it’s a series of songs. We’ve just been writing these songs together. I like that they have this vibe. And he’s kind of being a grown up about it by not writing like any other 20-something guy you know? It’s not that it’s not his music, but he’s in his 20s for the first time. You know what I mean? It’s not his thing, to me. He’s just a guy who’s got a good taste in a lot of things, so I’m always going to go for music that he likes and a lot of things that he’s known for. I’m just writing songs that I like and that he likes, but still have this vibe, these songs from this type of culture in my head.

In your mind, what do you want the album to sound like? And what are you hearing in your head right now?

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What do you mean? How can I tell? I’m writing new records. I’m writing these new rap singles. You know, I just wrote new songs and they came out last night.

[laughter] I just heard that.

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.

No, it’s not my intention.

Yeah. Well…


[Music interferes with laughter] The reason I say that is because as I sit here right now I just went out and listened to the last two songs that I just released, and they all sound like rap songs. It’s just interesting to me that it’s happening now because I would think that a guy who’s 21 and I just just released this last album, and you look at the last two albums that I’ve done, and they’re all in a genre of rap. I just feel like it’s happening now so all the fans out there can be aware of the style that this

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