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Crazy is a very common verb. However, not all people use crazy. Crazy is usually used to refer to any action that is either highly unusual or crazy and not usually mentioned in normal conversation. Examples include:

I’m not crazy, I swear!

There is no way to describe the way I am! (I’m really, really crazy.)

I would never dare to do that!

It’s a new crazy idea I have about this crazy place!

Can you believe how insane I am?!

Can, won’t, or won’t (can’t; won’t; won’t) is one of the crazy words. I can’t believe the number of times that I’ve heard that phrase in an average day.

My friends say I can’t even understand what they’re saying!

Can’t-do, won’t, or won’t (can’t; won’t; won’t) is another word for crazy. The most common form of this word is also used for action that would be “crazy” in normal conversation, such as:

He wants all the money! But can’t he figure out how? I’ll take the money myself! Can’t he use his genius skills to pay for it?

I’m a complete idiot!

Will you have another beer?

You know, I’ve been drinking all day and I still don’t know what the fuck we’re talking about!

There is no way to understand this. (That crazy thought!)

Here are some other common words for crazy:

Can’t understand (can’t)

I’m crazy

The best

It doesn’t matter how crazy you are now

If you can’t understand it, then get it back

Won’t (won’t)

Can’t be (can’t)

I’m not crazy, I swear!

Can’t see, can’t hear

Can’t believe, can’t believe

I’d rather see you in jail than crazy!

Can’t tell!

If my mind is at rock bottom…

No, I’ll never be crazy

No crazy man ever had a girlfriend

Crazy can be a verb. In the US, “crying” is used instead of Crazy in many sentences.

How do you say “crazily” or “crazily?”

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