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The U.S.S. Freedom is a class of starship in the Starfleet Academy crew registry. The ship is named for the original USS Freedom and was a flagship for the crew of the Liberty-class during the 24th century.

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History Edit

Early missions Edit

The Freedom-class USS Freedom was a new ship created from an old ship. A short stint with the new ship was used to train new officers such as Nog, who was assigned to the Freedom-class. Nog also became involved with Starfleet’s new supernova program.

With the new Enterprise-D under construction, it could not continue the same missions that the Liberty (Nog’s old flagship) could, and the Freedom was soon reassigned. The ship was eventually assigned to the USS Defiant, and she made its first known deployment of the Federation’s most powerful weapons.

However, this mission is far from the first time the Freedom was outfitted with superweapons. In mid-2366 the Freedom was in the Neutral Zone near the Cardassian border, but was stopped by the USS Enterprise-E. When the Defiant arrived at the scene, the Freedom-class USS Freedom suffered heavy damage, and was rendered inoperable by the Enterprise’s superweapon technology.

The Freedom was then sent to Cardassia in order to serve as a testing ground for the Defiant’s new technology.

When the Defiant was finally completed and returned to Earth, the Freedom was renamed USS Independence and assigned to Captain William T. Riker’s flagship, the USS Stargazer.

The USS Stargazer subsequently served as the new home for the Defiant’s crew aboard, until Enterprise departed to be deployed in a new spacefaring enterprise, a project called the Stargazer Project. Independence was eventually transferred to the USS Enterprise-D in mid-2371 for the remainder of its mission.

Freedom-class crew composition Edit

The ship’s crew complement was around 400, including 300 cadets. The ship was divided into three separate class compartments, called Fifties (and often called “Mavericks”), Seventies, and F

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