What word rhymes with hamburger? – Learn Godzilla Rap

Hamburger, habanero or hotdog?

This is a question that is asked all the time, but only one answer is always a safe bet based on an average of how many hours people spend trying to figure it out. The answer is… Hamburger! But for good reason!

And no, while “hotdog” is a favorite of those who think they can figure out the answer, people who actually know what they’re talking about will know it has nothing to do with the type of food that makes you queasy. Hot dogs are not hamburgers. And “hot dog” doesn’t begin with a “k”.

The reason people like to use the word, besides simply finding the phrase “hot dog”, is because it was coined by “Sandy”, one of the founders of the American Hot Dog Institute (AHDI). In 1957, Sandy founded the AHDI after seeing several young boys having a hard time with their school work and found the term “hot dog” being used in a newspaper to describe them, suggesting that hot dogs could somehow be used to beat them at their own game.

The problem was, this description was wrong, because the hot dog was not the same thing as the hamburger. There are many different variations of the hamburger, but the original hamburger has a meat pie on it. The hamburger of the 1950s and 1960s was basically the hamburger minus the meatpie, with only an onion on top.

So the name “hot dog” became associated with the word “hotdog”, which it isn’t, and is hence now used to describe any kind of meatless meat.

The American people and the company that uses the term have had a tough time getting past that, but they did just that in 2001 when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that “hot dog” was finally prohibited as a federally regulated food word because it was “littered with inappropriate, over-prepared and overly generic slang,” a “loopy and confusing definition,” and because “so far, all food words that have been proposed as food words under the provisions of this regulation have been either derogatory, vulgar or vulgarly suggestive of all kinds of food.”

In any case, if you want to keep getting sick from the all-you-can-eat hamburger of the future, just be prepared for a lot of “Hotdogs!” in which case we recommend you go home

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