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If you’re in Texas, check out the burgers at The H.O.I.S BBQ. A Texas native will find much more than the barbecue. Some, even, come with a Big Boy.

You’ll also find that not all Texas BBQ has barbecue. This is particularly true in Houston—we’ve got a lot of Texas BBQ in the city, but we’ve also got BBQ elsewhere: H.O.I.S BBQ in Fort Worth, Hops in Houston, and even more BBQ in Dallas (see that sign?).

How much does a meal at a Texas BBQ cost?

Let’s look at some typical menu prices at Texas BBQs:

Price for two Texas BBQs: $5.50

$5.50 Price for two hamburgers: $3.50

$3.50 Price for one Big Boy: $2.30

$2.30 Price for one large potato: $1.80

So, in Texas, you can expect to pay a little under $6 per burger and about $3 per Big Boy!

Where is a Texas BBQ restaurant located?

If you’re in Texas, you’ll want to try to get to places like Hops and Red Rock. Red Rock Texas is the most notable, but most other Texas BBQ joints will also be very familiar, and will be more than happy to serve you if you ask.

Where can I find a Texas BBQ restaurant near me?

As you start looking for Texas BBQ places, you’ll probably want to look for locations in or near large cities like San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, etc. Some BBQ joints, although small-scale, are located close to large areas of towns. For example, the two-deep Big Boy at Cattleman’s will have about 10,000 people eating there, but it still may be easy to find it.

Do you have more Texas BBQ recipes?

We don’t have many in the U.S., so you can keep a close eye on our page. We do have a variety of recipes including a traditional Tex-Mex burger. If you’re from Texas and have a Tex-Mex burger recipe, we’d love to hear from you!

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