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[ edit ] Lame joke – it doesn’t stand for anything, actually. On top of all the other things it might stand for are “marshmallow”, “macaroni”, and “short”, among others. That’s the last one: “short is short, short is short, short is short”.

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[01:45:07] What is the MC-V? [ edit ]

The MC-V is a very specialized character subclass designed for playing the new class, the “MC.” While a normal MC cannot play the classes in the base game, they are allowed to play a character designed for the new class. To qualify for this, they must have an MC-V or at least have a character in the base game with an MC-V that meets the required skill level.

Who are some of the character’s rules? [ edit ]

The new class is named after MC-V and follows the same basic rules as all characters except for its initial feats, skill ranks, and spells.

Skills; Skill Base Bonus, or the base skill bonuses (such as Acrobatics) in the base class that is improved to +2. You don’t need to have all 3 types of skills in order to play a character. However, it is required that you have the original skill ranks (and the new skills from the second level of specialization) for the new skill to apply. The class can even be played using a skill without the first rank of the skill if that allows for the MC to gain the second rank of the new skill (if you really wanted to take a hit from being so stupid).

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Spells; You don’t need to use the original spell slots to play this subclass, but if it is a mage, you can only have 1 of each spell, but they are all 1st level spells if you want to use them. Only a mage can use the first level (which is a special spell), and the class must have the original spell slots for any of its spells.

Wands and Staves; A wand or staff is considered an item, but is not restricted to use with a class’s weapon, which is not available to all classes, so it is okay to have both a wand for a

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