When did gangsta rap end? – How To Learn Rap God Fast Part Cleaner Filter

The last two years have been full of stories of a post-gangsta rap age, where hip-hop music and rappers can now be as offensive or uplifting as they want to be and without fear of being silenced, punished, or branded racist. We now live in a world where a gay man can be fired by his employer or branded a homophobic bigot if his sexuality is revealed in any form during his employment, just because the public wants it to be the case. So if we’re talking about “the new rap,” then the world has moved on and gangsta rap no longer exists.

In that sense, there really isn’t necessarily any point to re-examining it.

If you had to rank the rap styles of a decade, what sounds would you list as the sound of hip-hop today? What are your top five or six favorite songs?

I have to say, though, that my top three are “Dumpsta.” “Kool Keith,” and “The Money.” I really dig that song. It’s fun because I’m always hearing, “Why wasn’t they mad when he jumped the gun!” There has been a lot of talk about how rap music today is not hip-hop because the lyrics are more racist or homophobic. You should know that I think that’s kind of a copout, but I think there’s plenty of people who say that that’s the case. To me, there are a lot of really good albums on the radio that don’t have the same kind of lyrics, because it’s not about being homophobic or racist or whatever. You want to hear that message.

How’s “Dumpsta”‘s sound compared to any other rap album of the 20th century?

It’s like a modern-day classic album, even if it was recorded in 1982. The song’s just phenomenal. The fact that this was produced by Rick Rubin is really cool because he was the one whose ideas brought it to life. We just talked about it and he said, when he wrote the song, when he first wrote the lyrics, he went to a lot of writers and he said, “Yo, if you ever start doing beats, just don’t call them that. They can be dope.” Rick is always trying new things, new techniques, so the sound always changes. He brought in the beat, but he also worked on the production and also on what music will stand up in this particular moment. So, just to be clear

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