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[3/01/15, 6:25:06 PM] Remy: I think it is like 8 years ago! In that time, the whole world has been changing and hip hop has been able to respond to that change and embrace it and evolve with it. [3/01/15, 6:25:46 PM] Remy: Also that album [3/01/15, 6:25:49 PM] Remy: What’s up Chrisl [3/01/15, 6:25:53 PM] Dan Olson: I’m surprised I was so quick to accept it after a lot of it having been a thing for me since before I was even born. [3/01/15, 6:26:05 PM] Remy: Chris, I’m just so glad you get to call out all these horrible people [3/01/15, 6:26:12 PM] Dan Olson: I actually have no reason to be so surprised [3/01/15, 6:26:19 PM] Remy: Well I’m glad you got a big audience to see it [3/01/15, 6:26:22 PM] Dan Olson: It was kind of a surprise to start with, because it was literally my first listen and it sounded like a bunch of random ass shit. [3/01/15, 6:27:10 PM] Dan Olson: And it was pretty much a complete fucking lie, I might add. [3/01/15, 6:27:23 PM] Remy: Because this is what I wanted to hear since I was a little kid [3/01/15, 6:27:32 PM] Dan Olson: Because they didn’t really give a shit about what it was or why it sounded the way it did. [3/01/15, 6:27:48 PM] Dan Olson: This is where the whole “black kids is rap’s future” thing comes in, I guess. [3/01/15, 6:28:06 PM] Dan Olson: You know, I kind of always thought I was the only one who really thought that way before “black kids is rap’s future” actually got a bit of traction. [3/01/15, 6:28:12 PM] Dan Olson: But yeah, the whole “everybody else does hip hop” thing has kinda stuck, because that is actually what you get when you throw some black kids in rap. [3/01
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