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The answer is probably Michael Jackson, whose hits were in fact more about black gang-warring than hip-hop itself. But as with many of the musicals of the early-to-mid-’90s, the true inspiration came from gangsta music as a tool for urban rage. Like the “Shoot First” video, the “F–k You” video, and more, Black Rage is a direct sequel and retouching of the famous “Get Your Mind Right” video, with Jackson’s gang-stalking on the soundtrack.
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“Get Your Mind Right” (1993) and “F–k You” (1993) are both gangster rap groups with a heavy focus on misogyny. The song contains no verses. It opens by the word “Shove.” That’s the first hint of the gangster rap group. After that, there are three verses about the patriarchy and “Shove,” which is followed by a gangster-style breakdown. The song features more rap lyrics, at first two sentences, and then three before finally dropping out, a clear warning to women: “No matter how many guys you get together, they’ll say to themselves, ‘Shove.’ No matter how much girls you go to school for or how many kids you get, sh– is gonna f–k you!” While all that is said, the song turns into a kind of rape fantasy, in which the male rapper is raped by some women in a gang.

The chorus includes multiple lines about sexual violence, including the following lines: “When we be gon’ hit those sh–,” “If you know how to be a true n–ker, you gon’ be in the streets / I be thinking I gon’ tell my mother, ‘I gon’ be in the f–k you’ / Tell them I be thinking ‘F–k you.'” There are a few lines that sound like they could be straight gangster rap, but again, the chorus has none of the lyrics.

This, of course, is Black Rage’s most explicit song. There are more blatant lyrics at times, like “My mama had a problem with this one,” which is basically a reference to an ex-girlfriend with whom he has a child. There are lots of sexual references at other points in the song, including when the male rapper is talking about gang initiation: “Cunt got a problem? F–k her, she gon’ f-ck you!” In another, he’s talking

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