Who is the best Korean rapper? – Guide To Making Rap Music

The best K-Pop artist? How to talk to your friends? If you’re looking for some insider knowledge to help you get a hold of the best K-Pop music in the world, get your hands on The Korean Music Guide! This guide provides the answers to the most frequently asked questions with music, media, artists and entertainment from across the globe. The guide provides a complete look at what every Korean-American, Chinese-American, Japanese-American or other Asian-American needs to know, and it also includes interviews with a variety of musical figures. The guide will provide the most up-to-date information in order to help to prepare for your travel or to enhance your love affair with Korea!

This book will introduce you to every artist, movie, song and songwriters in the Korean music scene including:

Gee Ji – K-Pop Artist, Producer, Guitarist

Jeon Hyeon – K-Pop Artist, Producer, Singer

Shin Doo-yeon – K-Pop Songwriter, Producer

Jong In – K-Pop Artist, Producer, Singer

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Gook Hyok – Korean-American Songwriter/Pianoist, Producer

Shin Youngmin – Korean-American Songwriter/Pianoist, Producer

Jia Na – Korean-American Songwriter/Pianoist, Producer

Jeong Jun – Korean-American Songwriter/Pianoist, Producer

Moo-jung – Korean-American Songwriter/Pianoist, Producer

Jun Eun-ah – Korean-American Songwriter, Producer

Jun Hyung-jin – Korean-American Songwriter, Producer

Sook Ji-sung – Korean-American Songwriter/Pianoist

Ahn Hyun-in – Korean-American Songwriter/Pianoist, Producer

Hwan Woo-jin – Korean-American Songwriter/Pianoist, Producer

Kang Hye-hwan – Korean-American Composer and Producer

Eun-joo – Korean-American Composer

Kim So-hee – Korean-American Composer

Mik-hui – Korean-American Composer, Producer

Seo Ji-hyeon – Korean-American Composer

Seo Hyun-joo – Korean-American Composer

Hyun-jae – Korean-American Composer

Park Joon-suk – Korean

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