Who is the best rapper in the world? – How To Rap 2020

Drake or Kanye?” is a question that’s been asked endlessly to no avail. Most recently, the answer was either Kanye or Drake, but now that Drake has found his voice, he’s being compared to one of the greatest and most under-rated rappers of all time.

The truth is, there is no consensus on the best rapper right now. Most experts would agree that Drake is the best rapper today because he’s one of the two or three rappers who has the skills, style, and charisma to captivate the audience even if they don’t know it.

Some others believe that the debate has been overblown; Kendrick Lamar’s style is definitely more refined than many others, for example, and he’s a masterful songwriter on a number. Many believe that if Kendrick and Drake are on par with one another, it’s only because both are very well read, so to not know them, is ridiculous.

As for whether Kendrick is better at writing songs than Drake, it’s a debate that will never be settled. Kendrick would have to release another album that doesn’t suck to have a chance of being considered as the best rapper of 2017.

Drake’s style will always be unique in his way of rhyming and delivery, but if we were to put all of our efforts into the Drake vs. Kendrick debate, there is no doubt that Drake would be considered the best rapper now.

But Drake will always be judged on his artistry, his lyricism, his songwriting, his ability to write good beats, his ability to write great raps, his skills as a rapper, and for sure, his skills as all-around rapper.

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