Who is the first rapper? – Rock N Learn Dinosaur Rap Barefoot

Who is the first female rapper? The answer to this question is an excellent question. It’s the first female rapper. She’s the first female rapper that ever was. She was even on BET!

I think she came up in ’05 when she was just 16 or 17 years old. It must have been through her friend’s mom. She started making music, performing on stage, doing songs on the shows. She moved onto making rap records, but she actually didn’t make a record until 2009. She did an album, which also was on the Internet. And she released it on iTunes in 2010 and there’s a bunch of music that has come out of her, even though she doesn’t have a website. I think that’s the first time anybody has ever made music for anybody else, besides some rappers.

I think you’re a great example of that. So, you actually started out in the music business, and then you just became famous.

And then you went through a very, very hard time in your life. Did you come out of it? Did you overcome it?

Yeah, I came out of it. I was in rehab. I got to take some time, go through the hard times. I was really, I was really sorry. And once I did it, it made me more human. I started looking at myself and recognizing how I made decisions in the past. And it finally made me start to listen to myself and really get to know who I am. So I’m a better person now because of it. And it did help me to really see why it is that I do what I do. I see the world in a different way now because I’ve been more exposed to it. So, that’s not gonna go over too well. But I’m gonna make the best of it that I can do.

Yeah, it’s funny. I was just talking to some of the writers for R.E.M. the other day and they’re like, “What’s something you wish people realized about you?” And I was like, “Just one thing, I wish people knew I was a lesbian.” But they don’t.

Did the fact that you’re still out there and doing what you love really help your transition?

Well, the thing is you’re not “gay” but you still are “gay”: that’s what makes you gay. So, I’m just being myself. I’m not doing the gay thing. So

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