Who is the poorest rapper? – How Do You Start A Rap

Lil’ Wayne, that’s who. Who is the poorest rapper? Lil’ Wayne, that’s who. I’m gonna be like Lil Yachty, it’s hard to go from being one of the richest rappers in the world to the poorest because my album is just me being me and nothing else. I think if I had a lot of the things that I have, it would make me a rich man. But it’s not about being wealthy. It’s about being a man. It’s about living by your own ethics and values and it’s about being a man. And that’s what people are talking about now. It’s about how to live and be a man in this world, you know? It’s about me living by my own morals, values and ethics and showing people what it means. I’m just just gonna stick to it for the rest of my life. And no matter what happens, I’m gonna continue to show people what it means to be a man and live a good life that I’ve lived for the last six years. I believe in no matter what happens, I’m gonna keep going, keep showing people what it means. Now, now what it is? It’s all for fun, it’s all for me,” he said.

A fan shouted out, “What you gonna do?” while Wayne looked at him in disbelief. He replied quickly, “I’ll do nothing on that record.”

This article was first published in 2014

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If you are like me, then you love the good ol’ B-line. Or at least, I loved them all the way to the end. I still remember when my first b-line was bought by some girl in my grade. In our first day in her old room, she took a good look at the box and her reaction was priceless. She took a look in the inside and asked, “You are going to like this.” She asked, “Will it fit me?” I told her I knew that the one that would fit her was much smaller than she was used to. She said “Are you kidding me?”

I think she was right. And for her, there was no second choice. It fit! For my whole life, I have had my fair share of b-lines. Some were large, some were tiny, some were big (I can’t count how many times I found a smaller one during the last 5 years in my little pink box), but every once in a while, one just wouldn’t

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