Who is the poorest rapper? – Rock N Learn Rap Opening Statement In Court

The man behind this answer deserves his own list.
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10. The Lox – K.L.O.S.S.

I’ve always wondered who the top rapper who only comes out when the sun is out is. When I saw this guy on Twitter, I knew who and it goes with everyone I ever heard on TDE.

9. K.W.A. – Nastappac

My second time listening to Nastappac. This is the man known to be Kool Keith and his cousin from Chicago. This guy’s got the perfect mix of the classic raps that you’ve come to expect from him. He seems to put together songs that are simple to understand, but are intricate enough to hold your attention.

8. D.R.A.M. – 2 Chainz

Not the type of artist who makes a lot of money, but that doesn’t mean his career hasn’t made him some good money. This rapper from the South has found a new way to make a living and keep it, he’s been touring the country, and in a time where there is no more major money to be made, it’s not surprising to see him able to make something out of it.

7. Young Thug – Migos

Hip-hop and R&B is a genre that gets overlooked, but not for long, when all is said and done it may look like Young Thug is the one with the most followers on social networks. He has done his part to help give a voice to a new generation, he has been able to bring his music to millions across the globe (including his own country of Africa) he has the skill set that will enable him to take the game on the road and to a whole new level. It may not be a huge amount of money for a label, but if Migos can bring in new young blood to the game or if he makes it big here, all is good.

6. DJ Drama – Kilo Kish

For many people, DJ Drama is their favorite artist, and when it comes to producing, that is true. If you listen to his album, its a collection of some fantastic production, and the way the beats and vocals were produced is as outstanding as ever. He produced and produced some other projects too. Now, he is an official member of TDE, and he has a very special style, and it is something you will be noticing when

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