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How about a group called Young Money? For that matter, the group was formed by two former members of Cypress Hill, Jay-Z and his nephew Jay Jay, who formed the group in 2007 with his brother Big Sean and then turned it into a multi-billion dollar international outfit.

According to Forbes magazine, which has a ranking of the 400 richest Americans, Cypress Hill ranks No. 8 on that list.

We’re not saying Cypress Hill is on par with Tupac and his legacy, but the idea of making a career doing just some rapping is a rare achievement in modern music history. It’s quite the feat.

On the same list is a slew of other groups in hip-hop such as Big Sean and Puff Daddy, which would put them in the No. 1 spot if you added them up with Young Money.

One name that’s missing from the top 50: Kendrick Lamar.

In fact, he’s the only person to score on both lists at one time, with both Forbes and Billboard pegging him at No. 28 and No. 25, respectively. The only rapper in the top 100 ranked from no. 1 to No. 28 is Drake.

But that isn’t the only rap group that has no place in the 100 richest men list.

Another group that’s missing from Forbes’ list, despite its wealth, are the Roc-A-Fella Roc Nation.

And we’re not talking about the actual company that owns the labels, which include Def Jam and EASY.

The hip-hop group is actually a group of rap artists, known as the “Roc Nation” in other publications. The name comes from a rap album that the Rocs have released under their label, Roc Nation Records.

But when the Rocs founded the group, the hip-hop industry was growing at a tremendous rate at the time, with rappers like Jay-Z and LL Cool J making a killing at clubs along the East Coast.

That was in the late 2000s when Jay-Z and his crew went from being relatively unknown hip-hop stars to multimillionaires.

But they’ve stayed in the middle of the pack with less money and fewer top-10 hit singles since then. At the same time, their albums and songs didn’t grow as big, though a number of their albums did.

Here’s a look at the 10 richest rappers on Forbes’ chart:

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