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Kanye West.

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Kanye West was born in 1984 (Kanye is a couple of years younger than the youngest rapper alive). He’s the youngest rapper alive. There isn’t even a contest that we can think of.

The only way that “youngest rap artist alive” could be possible is if Kanye West was still around in 2003, when he became the youngest rapper alive. If he was, his record would be a whopping 36 years-old (and then again we wouldn’t be talking about Kanye West, we’d be talking about the 20 or so dudes who became the youngest rap artists of all time). That’s about a month longer than Drake is old, and about six years longer than Childish Gambino is old. So there’s a legitimate chance that Kanye West could be the youngest in the game at 34 years-old—and that’s assuming he’s still around.

In the middle of last night’s debate, it was noted that Donald Trump was asking Ben Carson to resign from his campaign for not showing up in person on Election Day.

In response, Politico reported that “two sources familiar with the situation” said, “the Trump campaign and the Carson campaign are now talking,” and adding that Carson was “open to remaining with his running mate even after Trump wins the presidency.”

One would think that the Trump campaign would have nothing to hide, as in the case of the Obama campaign in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012, as the Republican nomination for president always had to be won by someone who had already secured the general election. It’s possible that Donald Trump won’t just be willing to give up his lead in delegates at the national convention either. It’s also possible that Trump, if his campaign is about to take a drastic swing to the right, could begin to see Carson as a threat, and would take him out before he gets a chance to grab any delegates.

But it’s not at all clear, and as of this writing it remains unclear, whether the Trump campaign would do anything like that, or whether Trump would still allow Carson to continue to serve as his running mate. (At least at the national level, where there is no clear precedent for such a move.)

It’s hard to imagine that the Trump campaign will decide to continue to support Carson as the vice presidential nominee if he becomes a primary front-runner. The Trump campaign’s official line is that while Ben Carson is very popular in many precincts, his support for Common Core is

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