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A lot of people think it was Dr. Dre. In reality, it was RZA.

If I’m going to be the biggest hip hop artist of all time, I can never use the same guy that gave me a song that started my career. I need to have different people around me. I need to develop new people around me. I need people who will be there for me to work for, to take care of, and to build a relationship so you become a part of the band. That’s more important to me than anything. If you’re going to be a member of the band, which I will at some point in my career, you go out there and you’re in the same room, you know, you’re in that room all the time. You don’t get to just go home. It’s very isolating. I can’t stand that kind of life. If I was going to do it and not be in some of these different places, where they’re not close minded and I can play the part a little bit more, then I wouldn’t get it. I would be in a studio all day. If I was on stage and I was doing raps, you don’t get that.
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How involved were you with DMC?

I was a big fan, always have been. I used to run into him at the club in the clubs.

Did you sing on “Bad and Boujee,” the new song about that incident from your 2006 album, “G.O.A.T.”?

Yeah, I did.

How did that come about?

I wanted to get back into being a rapper. It wasn’t my first choice, but I had been in a lot of shit before and there’s this feeling I never felt before, which was, “This was cool, but I don’t really want to be in this shit anymore.” I started calling it out and asking the question: “Can I get out of it?” I remember my friend came up and was saying, “Do you wanna sing a song?” I said, “No, I don’t want you to.” I didn’t need to be in the game anymore. I was done. So this guy was like, “Hey, you don’t need to.”

So he takes me to the studio and I’m playing with him and it happens. And he’s like, “If you don’t get back into doing this then I’m taking back my

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