Who’s richer Jay Z or Diddy? – Leap 2 Learn Rapid City Sd Population 2020

If you’ve read a news story recently, you’re likely familiar with the recent $9.75 million settlement between Kanye West and the estate of Jay Z for the alleged beating up of Kim Kardashian. According to the terms of the settlement, West’s “R.I.P.” line of merchandise will be replaced with “Jay Z Forever.” But if there’s one thing that Kanye knows, it’s how to take the high road. This isn’t the first time the rapper has taken his fair share of flak for his latest behavior, and he’s even talked candidly about the fact that one of the first acts he attempted after moving from South Africa to the U.S. was taking the rap world by storm.

“It all started in 2000 with this shit I was doing on my record label in South Africa,” Kanye explains. “I started doing a lot of the crazy shit that I did, but I was also putting out a mixtape. I mean, I did it my way, so I got criticized a bit, but like “Yeezus, we got you.” We get a lot of criticism.” “I think at some point after that, Kanye got like really mad and he was like, “Why don’t you just do this a different path, man? I’m tired of hearing it.” That’s a little bit of his voice of that dude. I don’t blame him for saying that. That’s his voice. It’s always an outlet for you. That’s what got him, he’s just not a really good person. He’ll say crazy shit.”

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It’s certainly interesting how the artist that was once called the Black God will now say that while he can’t be sure about his actions himself, he’s fully aware of the impact they had on his fanbase. He admits to being surprised by the response he’s been receiving, and it’s definitely nothing he wants to ever do again.

“It’s amazing because I never even thought anyone was gonna take me seriously. Then I thought, “Man, people are listening to you,” and I’ve never been in a position before where, like, my record label is paying me a bunch of money to say whatever I wanna say, so it’s crazy for me to think that some other people are going, like, listening to this shit. That’s the most amazing

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