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It’s not easy to take apart a string of a klaren that has some tension on the tip of the end of the string. So I decided to figure it out myself first, this article will show you how.

The tension of the klaren strings when the ends come together.

As the string is folded in half, it bends away from the tip a little bit. A small force will cause this bend to be a little bit thinner. I then measured the length of this bend in one of two ways; either on my finger, or in a ruler on my work surface.

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It’s not easy to find the right measurement; in fact, you’ll need a ruler. I’m going to go with the ruler.

To measure the length, I made a very small and accurate measurement at the starting position of the string. I then started to twist the end of the klaren with my thumb, which caused the tension of the string from the start to be slightly lighter than the beginning of the klaren. If you don’t believe me, watch this video.

If you use a ruler, be very careful here: as you move it, the klaren string may start to bend. Take your pick and twist the string for about 3 or 4 seconds before you do.

So, I found that the string’s tension was about 0.0025 mm, which can be adjusted by about 1 mm. This is more or less what you get from a string bending off the tip a little bit to be thinner at the end of it.

In the above example, this string had a total of 14 tessellated strands, including the string ends, and it had a thickness of 8 gmm. That’s only 8 gmm off the thickness of 9 gmm klaren strings.

Let’s see what happens if we shorten it to 8 gmm.

The string was folded in half now, and that is how I got the measurement – this is how flexible the klaren strings are.

So I decided to measure the length of this shorter string now. After a minute of counting, I found that the measurement would be 7.8 mm, which is way less than 8 gmm. I made another measurement with the ruler again.

I couldn’t move the klaren now!

And after a minute of twisting, the string would stretch even more and I wouldn’t be able to

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