Are ukulele strings supposed to be loose? – How To Learn Ukulele Strum Patterns For Jazz

Is there more to it than what the manufacturer says?


Yes. There are two components that must be considered when playing kalimba strings: the tension and the string length.


The greater the tension, the greater the tension, so the higher the tension of a kalimba string is likely to be. More tension means more tension. Less tension means less tension.

The following graph depicts the tension of ukulele strings.

A simple comparison of the ukulele string tension vs the string length is shown on the graph below.

A simple comparison of a ukulele string with a straight string. Click on image for full size

The length of each kalimba string is shown below:

The length of each kalimba string as a function of the tension on the string.

The graph at the right shows the same information graphically. This illustrates how the tension and string length will impact the kalimba String tension.

The first-team offense looked better in practice than they have all week – especially against a mostly empty stadium at Arrowhead Stadium. With the offense’s confidence in Jared Goff getting the first crack at the starting job with rookie Derek Carr potentially sliding in, the defense looked confident in its ability to stop the run and make some big plays.

We’ll have a full practice report later this week, but here are some notes and observations from Thursday’s practice.

1. The rookie quarterback got a lot of snaps in 11 on 11 drills:

On 3rd-and-10, Carson threw a ball to rookie Michael Thomas (pictured), who did a nice job getting underneath it and getting it out quickly. Carr then threw the ball over the middle for a good gain, as he’s doing a nice job with the run after he stepped in to throw the ball. On the play after he threw in the corner of the end zone, Carr stepped up in the pocket to throw, looked up and tried to hit him as he was coming out the back of the pocket. Carr wasn’t able to get away with that, and he missed Thomas on the end zone conversion. Overall, it looked like Carson tried to run as much as he could early on and didn’t see anything particularly special on the end zone play.

2. Carr looked confident in his throwing motion, as he seemed to be finding all of the open receivers. He showed off a

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