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When a chord changes in pitch, you’ll hear a subtle change in frequency between the chords in a specific key. The reason is that the ear uses a mathematical relationship in determining what the tone of a scale, chord, or other frequency response should be.

The scale itself is frequency-dependent, which means that you can learn a different chord in a specific key by changing the frequency of the scale’s note.

However, if you learn a new scale by hearing it in a specific key, you won’t be able to play it in the same key because the scale will sound different.

In practice, most of us can play a note that’s different from our key. But that’s when the problem happens.

What if my key changes?

To get a true and accurate assessment of the sound of any scale or chord, start with the most popular scales and chords in your key.

As a general rule, you learn the scales or chords in keys where you practice and play the most.

This means that if you’re playing in your major key, you’ll need to make sure you use scales and chords from the major scale key, since the major scale is the major chord, and we’re looking to find the perfect chords in that key to use when playing an overtone major scale.

If you’re practicing with an untyped instrument, you’ll need to use a scale and/or chord from a chord that’s already on the instrument’s key.

We can see this in the guitar chord chart above, where all five notes from each key are shown and each of them is a distinct shape of note.

The reason is that when we learn a new scale, major scale, or chord, the scale isn’t always exactly where we need it to be. So it’s essential to know where and how to use the scales and chords we’re learning.

So how do we apply this to our learning process?

This is a great example of how important it is to understand your chord progression or scale.

By listening to the progression above, you’ll notice how different chord changes can change the chord tone.

The most obvious change is when we switch to a minor key in the progression. Then we hear the first two chords change to major chords, and the third chord change to dominant chord.

The following chords provide a good foundation for the major and minor scales:

D: Major


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