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It’s really easy to install a pick and start playing, even for someone using an adult, toddler, or child. Just pick the right size for your fingers and hold the pick at the same time as the strings of your instrument.

What should I use for the pick? It’s a simple question with an easy answer. Pick should always be used for the strings if they are tuned to any other frequency.

What should I avoid playing while using the pick? Avoid making sudden movements or strumming the string while using the pick. If you want to strum or clap, you can do it by using another instrument.

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Can I tune the string for playing and strumming? To tune the string for strumming or playing the ukulele, we want the tuning to be the same as the tuning we have with the ukulele. We cannot let the ukulele go outside of its tuning range. However, if we tune the string too high, some notes will drop (see below). If you can’t hear these note drops, your instrument may be tuning to a different octave or frequency.

What if I want to tune the string to a tune that is only half the octave? This also works. However, the frequency must be a full octave higher than the one you have with the ukulele. If you want to tune to a pitch only half a octave higher than the one you have with your ukulele, use the scale you have with it.

Why does my instrument start strumming when I use it with my pick? Do not strum your ukulele on the strings until you are playing with the pick and are sure they are tuning. A little tuning help can go a long way towards improving your sound.

What if you are not strumming my strings fast enough? If things aren’t moving well, you might be able to get faster strumming through practice. We should not fret our ukulele. We want the ukulele to have a good tone, whether you are playing with the pick or not.

How does a picking guitar scale work? To play with the pick it is necessary to work the scale. This means that the ukulele scale will have all of the notes marked in red, from low D# to high E#, but there may be some more notes (usually E). This happens with scales made

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