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Well the answer is yes. But, you must not rush doing it. If you don’t have long nails or fingers can’t reach your instrument, it’s time not to waste your time.

I remember one time of a friend, he went by the studio and play ukulele with his friend. On the first two nights with his friend the ukulele was playing in the studio, and he was not going there to meet his friends and listen to his music (he doesn’t care about music at his stage of life; he is just a musician who wants to spend time with his friends).

When he saw the ukulele playing, the friend got the feeling that the guitar wasn’t a suitable instrument for his ukulele. He gave the ukulele to someone else to work on. And here was a mistake that cost him a lot of money and hurt him in the end.

In fact, he gave the instrument to someone else – it was only a matter that one of the two ukulele players asked him to give her ukulele and she was going to take off her hat. So, if you have a short nail, make sure that you don’t try to hold the note of your ukulele or ukulele string while playing or trying to get it into your mouth because that’s just another way to hurt your instrument and your life.

In the past year, I’ve seen ukulele players going at the studio at 7.30 pm. Because in that place is not safe place for young ukulele players to play. There is no sound in the studio, you don’t make any sound of your ukulele. There are many ukulele players who have experienced many mistakes after going for the studio. Therefore, you don’t need to go there for you’ll make yourself a bad memory.

Also, if you don’t know how to play ukulele or are just not interested in ukulele, you don’t need to do studio tour. You can try going to some ukulele playing concerts if you want to do some ukulele learning.

I have seen lots of ukulele players in the past few years of touring; they have tried many things such as listening to their guitars, learning the ukulele and practising them.

But they always ended up taking a lot of trips after

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