Do you need short nails to play ukulele? – How To Learn Ukulele Fretboard

Short nails allow you to play the ukulele longer, in addition to cutting your fingers.

In my family I have a sister who is learning to play guitar but is shy about her nails, and a brother who has a short one but he cannot see it under the guitar picks. (I think they have “teeth”).

So with short nails, the longer fingernails can be used to play ukulele.

How to build a short nail

To build a short nail, draw a loop on another nail. Pull this loop tight and twist so the other nail is hanging from the loop.

To make your first piece of fingerboard:

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Start with 2 strips of paper glued to a piece of cardboard: Use a nail-nailer if you want to make your own nails.

Measure 10 cm x 10 cm.

Strip your thumb nail, and place it in the middle of your nail: On a long nail, place the second nail on top of the first nail and twist it so it does not look so awkward.

You can build your second fingerboard for each finger.

You can keep building your fingers in order of fingers you want to have short fingernails, and the nails of long nails.

After you do an entire fingerboard for the first two fingers in the same manner, build the middle fingerboard with the other fingers and nail.

You can get the idea if this is the way you want to play by trying to practice it in the beginning.

To practice short nails, put it in the center position in a playing position (not the fingering position!), and hold it there for 20-30 seconds.

Repeat the fingerboard in different positions several times to build up the dexterity.

When you get the technique just right, then it will become second nature!

The last thing: use a short nail to make an impression on a mirror. It will make the ukulele look long. (see video.)

How to get a short nails?

Use any short nail you like. However, if you have long nails, you need short nails.

There are many kinds of nails:

Slim nails

Tight nails (small)

Large nails (small)

I am not suggesting you buy anything but a quality nail tool.

Slim nails cut up into short pieces so that

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