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We created this free downloadable guide to know how to create short nail, so you won’t find a long nail.

Short nails will help you play and improvise ukulele easily. You can take a look at the videos of some ukulele players who play with short nails and learn how to form the most beautiful ukulele shapes. Short nails can also make ukulele playing more comfortable. I recommend to play with short nails until you find out about finger placement, where the sound comes from and how to get rid of the stress.

How to nail Your Short Newbie Uke

The easy way of nails that you can do with short nails is to hold your finger and nail flat. I suggest to give your finger another half a minute to dry after its wet.

To take another look at the easiest way of nails, we will look at this video of a short uke player on youtube.

Letting short nails do the work.

In this video, we can see that the player nails are placed on the same line as the back of the uke. We have to start from the bottom edge of the uke and move our nail to the toe of the uke, making the nail parallel to the toe of the uke.

Take a look at the second clip which shows a nail being placed on the middle section of the uke. Now it is about time to do a nail shape.

Short nails will be great for those beginners, who are new at playing uke.

Get a little help from the uke

There are many ways of applying short nails. It depends upon your age, what you like to have as part of your uke, the position of your fingers, the weight of your fingers, if you put a nail on the other side, on any finger. Also the position of nails during practice will influence their effect. Remember also that for you to learn to nail a short nail successfully, you must practise with the uke for a few weeks.

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