Do you need short nails to play ukulele? – Lean On Me Ukulele Chords C

This is a great way to show your students a little bit of what they are missing when they don’t have any time to practice. To show how short the nails are, let’s use the “nails-short” method:

Make a circle in the center of the board. Draw a line that goes into the center of the circle on the outside and the corner on the inside. It’s best to use a large pencil or a ruler to keep the center of the circle even, or don’t use a pencil at all. You may need to add a little extra center on the edge to keep it even.

Place some felt on the board and hold that with your other hand. Using the pencil under your nails, draw a line from the center of the circle (where you made the circle) on the outside to the corner of the board. Make sure the line goes under your nail and doesn’t go through the nail, or else your students will be able to tell you that you are not holding the nail straight. (Some of the students didn’t know that I am holding the nail straight and they didn’t even notice how the pencil hurt my fingers.) Now try to pull the nail off the fingerboard. If your nails are short you may even need your other hand to hold the pencil/felt!

How to add center to the circle on board for practicing nails short technique

1. Put felt on the board and hold it with your other hand and pencil.

2. Draw a line from the center of the circle on the outside, over the felt, to the edge of the felt.

3. Repeat 3 times.

4. Use a small pencil to check for any sharp points.

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